(ISC)2 SecureCentralEasternEurope 2015


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Budapest, Bécsi út 96b, 1034 Hungary
(ISC)2 SecureCentralEasternEurope 2015
ápr. 21, 09:00 - ápr. 21, 17:00
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Managing Risk in an Ever Changing Threat Landscape 

Change is the constant for us all in information security. Evolving technologies, the discovery of new vulnerabilities; new or automated business models and processes; and the ever increasing adaption and application of IT in society. Managing, even understanding the risks in this kind of environment requires an unwavering focus on the objectives of the business and the strategy for achieving its mission. Sessions include exploring the threat landscape and its drivers, the common pitfalls endemic to current business trends that ensure a perpetual pipeline of vulnerabilities available for exploitation and how to express these threats – and their countermeasures – in a way that the business can comprehend and act upon. Importantly, sessions covering the solutions will provide an overview of the innovations and practical developments to enhance risk management. By working to enhance your perspective on how business is developing, not just security, this conference offers a real opportunity to step back from the technology, develop the right perspective, and then consider the most effective tactics and solutions that can be applied.

Benefits of attending:

  • Gain an understanding of the transformation that is occurring as businesses, their employees and their customers embrace the latest technologies
  • Exposure to lessons learned from the front lines of security practice
  • Access to practical and up-to-date advice on how to ensure the visibility required to understand, and manage cyber risk within your business
  • Extensive networking opportunities with your peers; fellow (ISC)2 members and prominent figures in Information Security
  • Meet with solution providers to compare and find out about the latest technology developments
  • Earn 8 CPEs




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